Indiana's Coast to Coast bicycle race - cycling for cystic fibrosis

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winners of the 2005 C2C of Indiana

Winners of the 2005 C2C
Team Rotten Robbies Bike Shop
Crawfordsville, Indiana
Jason Pruitt, Kevin Stout
Jeff Bushong, and Marty Ruhl
Time: 15:07.51 - event record

C2C of Indiana Race Record - 14:37:55

2nd place - Team Pratt Poster, Indianapolis: Dan Pratt, Ron Martin, Scott Martin, Eli Everhart - time: 16:45.58.

3rd place - Team Today's Headlines, Warsaw: Matt Endress, Luke Becknell, Brian Becknell, Jon Chan - time: 16:46.50.

Winners 2004

Winners of the 2004 C2C: Steve Elliot, Syracuse Indiana; Dave Elliott, Syracuse Indiana; Mike Suhany, Warsaw Indiana; Gary Rumbles, Syracuse Indiana - Time 19:05.36

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a benefit for research to fight cystic fibrosis

Photos of the 2005 C2C of Indiana

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The Race Coast to Coast is a two day, three or four-person team bicycle race event. Teams may organize their rider order or structure as they choose -- four at a time, three at a time, in pairs one at a time, or any combination.

Ride in the 2006 C2C

Find out about the 3rd annual C2C of Indiana, now scheduled for July 29 and 30, 2006 on the C2C of Indiana homepage!

for details contact Luke Becknell.