date set for 2009 C2C of Indiana

The sixth annual running of the Coast to Coast of Indiana will be August 1 and 2, 2009.


Here's are some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for all of those who are planning on participating in the race, or even if your just plain curious!

How do we make an exchange? How often and where?

Teams can use a rolling side by side "tag" exchange. If your are riding in a pace line a new rider may just join the line as one drops off to rest. Distance between exchanges are determined by each team. We will give a list of suggested exchange zones.

Does each rider have a certain distance to ride?

Each team can determine the distance their team members will ride and the number of times they ride in each stage. This is part of the strategy each team can employ, depending on the ability of their riders and the conditions of the day. To compete in the age group categories every cyclist must ride at least 15 miles the first day and 25 miles in the second stage.

What if we can only get 3 riders?

If you have fewer than 4 riders you can compete in the Open Division. Teams must have 4 riders to compete in the age groups. The Age Groupings total the age of all 4 riders. Under 100; 100-149; 150-199; 200+;

Can we raise extra money for Cystic Fibrosis?

Absolutely! Even though the goal is that of the entry fee goes to C.F., teams are encouraged to raise funds beyond their expenses that can go help kids with C.F. A special award will be presented to the team that raises the most. Get sponsors, hit up your friends, its for a good cause.

Should we have a team uniform?

They are not required, but you may want matching team jerseys to make it easier to spot your teammates at the exchange zones.

What about lodging?

Contact the Convention & Visitors Bureau for LaPorte Co./Michigan City, 800-634-2650; Montgomery Co./Crawfordsville, 800-866-3973; or Evansville, 800-433-3023. We have a special "Block" price at the Hotel/Casino Aztar in Evansville.

What do we get for our entry fee?

All riders will receive a T-Shirt with the race logo. A pizza & fruit lunch will be provided in Crawfordsville, and there will be a post-race meal in Evansville. Open Division and Age Group winners will receive awards, and we are negotiating with some manufacturers for winner's prizes.

Any bike restrictions?

No little motors please. Other than that, whatever will help you ride faster is fine with me.

What about Stop Lights?

We are working at having some police help along the course to assist the riders through some of the major intersections. However, we can't guarantee they will always be able to stop traffic, so cyclists must follow the rules of the road.

Have you decided on the route yet?

Yes. There is a link on the home page to a description of the race route. If there needs to be some slight changes, depending on road construction or rider safety, we will advise you either on this site or at the pre-race meeting in Washington Park, Michigan City.

How do we make best use of the support vehicle?

This is going to be a learning experience for most of us. The support vehicles will travel ahead of the riders to an exchange area your team decides upon. Keep the vehicle at a safe distance from the road to avoid congestion. Be courteous of the other teams and make the exchange process a safe one. Remember, this is a long race.

The support vehicles should have food, changes of clothes, bike parts and a cell phone. We suggest that all riders keep a phone with them in case they need assistance from their support team. Your support vehicle can be driven by one of your cyclists or you may want someone specifically for that role. If a team needs to have more than one support vehicle that is OK, just be courteous towards the other teams and don't have both vehicles in prime exchange spots.

Do you have a statement of purpose and all that 501(c)(3) stuff?

Yes, thanks for asking!


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this bicycle race is to raise people's awareness of those dealing with Cystic Fibrosis. C.F. is a genetic life threatening disease that affects the respiratory and digestive systems of children and young adults.

We also strive to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation so that research can be continued and that families may receive help with expenses incurred while dealing with this disease.

Race Coast to Coast of Indiana
Luke Becknell
1207 E. Center
Warsaw, In. 46580
574) 269-1654

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Indiana Chapter
1261W. 86th St., Suite E-2
Indianapolis, In. 46260

Brenda Jay (Contact Person)
800) 622-4826

Federal ID # 13-1930701

Tax Exempt # 501c(3)331064638

for details contact Luke Becknell.

the 2009 Coast to Coast of Indiana - cycling to fight cystic fibrosis

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winners of the 2005 C2C of Indiana

Winners of the 2005 C2C
Team Rotten Robbies Bike Shop
Crawfordsville, Indiana
Jason Pruitt, Kevin Stout
Jeff Bushong, and Marty Ruhl
Time: 15:07.51 - event record

C2C of Indiana Race Record - 14:37:55

2nd place - Team Pratt Poster, Indianapolis: Dan Pratt, Ron Martin, Scott Martin, Eli Everhart - time: 16:45.58.

3rd place - Team Today's Headlines, Warsaw: Matt Endress, Luke Becknell, Brian Becknell, Jon Chan - time: 16:46.50.

Winners 2004

Winners of the 2004 C2C: Steve Elliot, Syracuse Indiana; Dave Elliott, Syracuse Indiana; Mike Suhany, Warsaw Indiana; Gary Rumbles, Syracuse Indiana - Time 19:05.36

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