the 2009 Coast to Coast of Indiana - cycling to fight cystic fibrosis

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The C2C of Indiana is proud to announce that Sunringle is again an official sponsor.

SunRingle will donate a pair of SunRims to each of the four members of the top two 2008 winning teams. Visit SunRingle on the web to find out about their products for every kind of bicyling.

Winners of the 2007 Race C2C of Indiana

Winners of the 2007 C2C
Rotten Robbie Underdogs
Crawfordsville, Indiana

C2C of Indiana Race Record - 14:37:55

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We're getting ready for the 6th C2C

The 6th annual Coast to Coast of Indiana will be held August 1 and 2 2009. This year the race will again start with the Evansville to Crawfordsville stage on the Saturday and finish with the Crawfordsville to Dunes stage on Sunday. Watch here for more information and our official entry forms.

Race Recap 2008

It was warm and humid August 2 at 6:30 am in Evansville, but the teams put their wheels to the line and headed north in the 5th edition of Race C2C of IN.

The lead pack of four teams, from Indy, Washington, Crawfordsville and Warsaw raced together setting a torrid pace that matched the temperature.

Rotten Robbies came into C-ville first with a 4 min. & 49 sec. lead at 9:36:36 for the 197 miles of Day 1.

After pizza at the finish line, spaghetti at Rob and Shirley Hudson s house and a quick nights rest the riders were ready to ride on to Lake Michigan.

Team OBF from Washington liked the time trial format and won stage 2 in5:05:33 setting a new record by over 5 minutes.

Thanks to all the cyclists and volunteers who made this year a great success in raising awareness and funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and all the families they touch.

We've posted some photos: Photo Album of the 2008 C2C of Indiana. Feel download, print and share the photos.

2008 C2C of Indiana all around winning team: Rotten Robbie's of Crawfordsville
Rotten Robbie's of Crawfordsville were the 2008 C2C of Indiana all around winning team - click on the image for a larger version.

Official Results of 2008 Race Coast to Coast of Indiana

Team Name Day 1 Day 2 Total Team Members
Rotten Robbie
9:36:36 1st 5:06:17 2nd 14:42:53 1st Hudson, Stout, Connell, Neibler
9:41:25 2nd 5:05:33 1st 14:46:58 2nd Wilde, Mason, Bassler, Brown
Team Klipsch 9:48:45 3rd 5:15:46 3rd 15:04:31 3rd Janeczek, Geswein, Bartlett, Singleton
Hammer Head Racing 9:59:38 4th 5:35:35 4th 15:35:13 4th Gilliland, W. Anderson, Foreman, A. Anderson
Team Biomet 11:03:24 5th 5:57:34 5th 17:00:58 5th Trolian, Schmidt, Martin, Becknell
Team Pratt Graphics 12:26:54 6th 6:45:39 6th 19:09:33 6th Everhart, Swanson, Kendall, Hastings
John's Minions 12: 40:13 7th DNF 7th Krupski, Heidenreich, Strong, Kmiecik

Solo Riders Day Two
Matt Amor5:52:551st
David Newbolds6:41:47 2nd

2008 Indiana C2C Format!

From the river to the lake, south to north, all uphill; however you want to put it, cycling teams from all over will have their wheels to the line Saturday morning August 2. They will see 16 counties, lots of towns and many 'wide spots in the road' the first weekend in August.

Day 1 will be the same as last year with all teams staring at set Park on the river in Evansville at 6:30 am CDST. Race Packet pickup will be Friday evening 7:00 - 9:00 pm at the Convention and Visitors Bureau Pagoda parking lot, 9:30 - 10:00 at the Executive Inn lobby and 5:00 - 6:00 am Saturday at Sunset Park.

One rider from each team will start the race with the first exchange at the intersection of Pollack and Weinback (see race route info). Teams may have more than one rider on the course until the finish. The final location where exchanges are permitted is the intersection of US 231 and 600S and only ONE cyclist per team can cross the line in Crawfordsville. The finish line will close at 7:30 pm EDST. Yes, there will be food.

The time to beat for this leg is 9:09:25, set last year by Rotten Robbies Underdogs.


Day 2, Crawfordsville to Indiana Dunes State Park, will be a time trial format. Teams will start in reverse of Saturday's finish order. So the last team to finish on Saturday will be the first team out Sunday morning leaving Rotten Robbies Bike Shop at 8:00 am EDST. If there happens to be any DNF's they would go out first. Teams will depart the starting line in 3 minutes intervals. Timing starts at each teams appointed start time, so don't be late or be extra fast. Drafting off the other teams in NOT allowed on Sunday and aerobars will be allowed, but only in the time trial. Depending on the number of solo cyclists, we may start them as a group before the team competition begins.

The race route, finish line and post race festivities will be at the City West shelter in the park. The same as last year.

Hotels in Evansville are the Aztar, Block #4814 and the Executive Inn. Ask for Race Coast to Coast rate. There are lots of great thing to see and do in Indiana. Come south early to enjoy the variety of activities or stay an extra night at Lake Michigan with your family and friends. For more info go to Enjoy Indiana.

The C2C race committee suggests that teams get sponsors to help with expenses and please consider making a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ...adding tomorrows everyday.

Race Recap 2007

Now this is a Race.

The 07 Race Coast to Coast of Indiana went south to north and was very fast for going uphill. New Records were set for both days despite a north/east headwind.

Rotten Robbie Underdogs finished first on day 1 winning the stage of 197 miles by 2 ˝ minutes. They pulled the lead pack of eight teams up the hills of southern Indiana and pulled away north of Greencastle so they could get first chance at the pizza and watermelon at the finish line in Crawfordsville. (Their home town)

Sunday was even closer with the top seven teams and one tough Solo rider finishing within 20 seconds of each other after battling each other for 125 miles. The video of the finish was definitely needed. Team Bolla from Louisville/Jeffersonville sprinted into the Indiana Dunes St Park first to take home the stage 2 trophys.

The R.R. Underdogs had a big enough day 1 lead to receive the huge Overall Winner awards.

Congrats and thanks to all the age group winners and participants for helping raise money and awareness for CF.

We've posted some photos: Photo Album of the 2007 C2C of Indiana. Feel download, print and share the photos.

a benefit for research to fight cystic fibrosis

and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Team Donations of $200 plus in addition to entry fee:

Green Lizards - $2,205.00
Mark Dietz, Paul Dietz, Jon Lowry, Charles McBeitz

Velo Fems - $1,365.00
Brenda Allbritten, Patsy Doty, Nancy Boston, Brenda Daugherty

Team Wildman - $720.00
Troy Turley, Patrick O'Connell, Michael McCullough, Scott Erba

Corporate Donations of $400 Plus

Pratt Corp. - $1,300.00
Dan Pratt

National City Bank - $500.00

Miller Insurance Center - $300.00

Alderfer and Bergen - $300.00

NG Instruments - $300.00

Indiana Dimensional Products - $300.00

Individual Donations

Good Friends of Race C2C: $50-$99
Deb Read
Brent Holms
Jan Hammaker
Joanne Strassell
Joseph Thallemer
Dennis and Patricia Hover
Oak Street Funding
Marilyn Rice

Really Good Friends: $100-$199
Hook, Line and Sinker
Chuck and Shelly Jaggers
Dubois Optometric
Michael and Jama Kaye
Deb Rechin
Mark and Susan Dietz
Joseph and Margaret Kiefer
Ken and Bonnie Edelblute
Mike Stewart
Mike Hurst
Paul and Shelly Dietz
Ot Schroeder
Siobhan Davenport
Randy and Karen Ruppel
Will Boren
Lakeside Fitness
Howard Alderfer
Bill and Gwen Becknell
John Armacost

Really Great Friends: $200 plus
Jonathan Lowry
Rob Hudson
Max and Annette Patterson
David Coats

Really, Really Great Friends: $1,000 plus
Brian and Nikie Becknell

Because of these supporters, all participants and volunteers, Race Coast to Coast was able to send $10,400 to the Indiana Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Official Results of 2007 Race Coast to Coast of Indiana

Team Name Day 1 Day 2 Total Age Group
Rotten Robbie
9:09:25 1st 5:28:30 4th 14:37:55 1st 1st
Rotten Robbie's 9:11:54 2nd 5:28:29.5 3rd 14:40:23.5 2nd 1st
LePeep 9:11:54.5 3rd 5:28:39 7th 14:40:34.5 3rd 2nd
Z Hammer I 9:13:06 4th 5:28:29 2nd 14:41:35 4th 1st
Z Hammer II 9:13:35 5th dnf 12 3rd
Team Bolla 9:13:36 6th 5:28:28 1st 14:42:04 5th 3rd
Wildman 9:14:22 7th 5:28:33 5th 14:42:55 6th 4th
O.B.F. 9:23:40 8th 5:28:35 6th 14:52:15 7th 5th
Green Lizards 10:12:45 9th 6:18:34 8th 16:31:19 8th 6th
Ben's Team 11:09:31 10th 6:45:38 9th 17:55:09 9th 2nd
Velo Femmes 11:18:18 11th 6:50:42 10th 18:09:00 10th overall
women's 1st
Racy Ladies 12:34:03 12th 8:03:15 11th 20:37:18 11th 8th
Fat Tire dnf 8:10:54 12th 13th 1st

Bill Bartholomew5:28:36 *1st
Matt Amor6:07:282nd
Nicole Borem8:07:12 3rd

Press release:
Third Running of the Race Coast to Coast of Indiana

Race Coast to Coast of Indiana (Race C2C) headed south out of Washington Park in Michigan City this past Saturday the 29th of July. Thirty-seven cyclists took on the challenge of racing to Crawfordsville. The endured brutal heat (100 plus heat index) to complete the first stage of this race to the Ohio River.

Eight four-person teams continued riding the 2nd stage of 205 miles Sunday morning. The course challenged the cyclists with many southern Indiana's hill country as they rode through Spencer, Jasper and Santa Claus on their way to the finish line along the river at downtown Evansville.

Two teams from Crawfordville battled to the wire with a team sponsored by Rotten Robbie's bike shop winning for the 2nd straight year. The winning team was composed of Marty Ruhl, Jeff Bushong, Kevin Stout and Jason Pruitt, with a finishing time of 15:32:20 for the 320 mile state length race. The same foursome owns the course record of 15:07:51, set in the cooler conditions of the 2005 running of the C2C of Indiana.

All the teams were cycling to support research to fight Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and for Bella Jackson and Jocelyn Meadows two CF kids who waved the flags at the start and finish of this year's event.

Approximately $4,000 was raised for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The top find raising team was Team VéloFem from Warsaw Indiana. Also from Warsaw was the day one solo winner, Matt Foreman. Matt outlasted the other four solo riders as he rode the 116 miles first stage from Michigan City to Crawfordsville in 7:15:52.

The fourth annual Race C2C of Indiana will be run July 28th - 29th, 2007.

In production: photos of the 2006 Race C2C of Indiana

[note: watch for Photos of the 2006 Race C2C of Indiana currently in production.]

SunRingle sponsors C2C-2006 with prize donation

Thanks to SunRingle for their sponsorship of this year's event. SunRingle will donate a pair of SunRims to each of the four members of the winning team at C2C-2006. Visit SunRingle on the web to find out about their products for every kind of bicyling.

Results of the 2005 Race

WARSAW, Ind. - This year's winner (2005 race) of the Race Coast-to-Coast (C2C) destroyed last year's winning time by nearly four hours. Marty Ruhl, Jeff Bushong, Kevin Stout and Jason Pruitt of Rotten Robbies Bike Shop in Crawfordsville, IN won the 2005 Race C2C with a time of 15 hours, seven minutes and 51 seconds. They completed the 321-mile race in two blistering days of skilled riding, taking them on a scenic tour the length of the state.

Riders of the C2C get to ride on a variety of terrain, everything from long straight-aways to winding, rolling hills. "The course is great," said Matt Endress of the third place team, "I love that this course encompasses a lot of different rides." Not only do the riders get to experience the beauty Indiana has to offer but they have fun racing as a team taking on the challenges this two-stage event delivers.

The idea behind the Race Coast to Coast of Indiana came to Luke Becknell as he was out cycling around Kosciusko Co. His brother, Ben Becknell, had Cystic Fibrosis and Luke wanted to do something in memory of Ben as well as to help the families dealing with the disease today.

"I love this state and wanted to develop a unique ride that would challenge cyclists and enable them to see Indiana from the north shore at Michigan City to the banks of the Ohio in Evansville." Race Director Luke Becknell also ads, "Our entire family is thrilled that there has been a great response in wanting to help raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which of course is our main goal."

date set for 2006 C2C of Indiana

The third annual running of the Coast to Coast of Indiana will be July 29 and 30, 2006.

photos from the 2005 race

Check out some photos of the 2005 C2C!

for details contact Luke Becknell.