Edge of the Prairiethe sand prairies and savannas of the Chicago region

    Erigeron strigosus
    Daisy fleabane

Erigeron strigosus, daisy fleabaneDaisy fleabane is one of the most common wildflowers in Indiana's sand country, and one of the first to move back into an abandoned field. These native annual forbs are highly adaptable and are often seen on roadsides, along fencerows or even in yard areas left unmowed for a few weeks, but only the coldest hearted individual could look at their snow white flowers and say weed.

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Closeup view of daisy fleabane flowers - Lomax, Starke County Indiana. [108k]

Daisy fleabanes blooming with Rudbeckia hirta in a prairie remnant at Lomax, in Starke County Indiana. Other associates at this site include big bluestem and dewberry. [152k]

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Erigeron strigosus on the Biological Research Association web site.

Erigeron strigosus at the Wisconsin State Herbarium.



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