Edge of the Prairiethe sand prairies and savannas of the Chicago region

    Eupatorium fistulosum
    Hollow-stem Joe-Pye Weed

The pink flowers of this plant (also known as Trumpetweed or Queen of the Meadow) are showy and attract many butterflies during the blooming period in late summer. Plants are four to seven feet in height at Big Eastern, which is near the northwest limit of range of this plant. Because of the showy flowers this species is often used in wetland native plant gardening.

Eupatorium fistulosum, photograph by Marty Lucas.

This photograph was taken in Starke County Indiana where this species grows in Houghton and Adrian muck soils in marshes and along stream banks.


Plant profile for Eupartorium fistulosum from the USDA.

Eupatorium fistulosum on the Connecticut Botanical Society web site - includes an excellent photograph.

Eupatorium fistulosum on floridata.com.



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