Edge of the Prairiethe sand prairies and savannas of the Chicago region

    Krigia virginica
    Dwarf Dandelion

Krigia virginica is one of the few composites that bloom early in the year; their flowers look like tiny dandelions, and they have a milky sap like the common lawn weed, but they are true natives of xeric sand prairies and sand barrens. Another common name is "one flower cynthia". Like the garden dandelion (which is also a composite, but not from the same genus) Krigia virginica is an annual plant that disperses by wind born seeds.

Krigia virginica - May 2003, Lena Park, Starke Co. Indiana

In the Chicago region Krigia virginica almost always blooms in association with Linaria canadensis. If a field of plainfield sand is left unplanted these two plants may sometimes carpet large areas. The photograph above was taken in late May of 2003 in the back yard of the Cabin at Lena Park, in western Starke County, Indiana.

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Close-Up View of a group of dwarf dandelions. [134k]


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