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    Lilium Michiganense
    Michigan lily

The Michigan lily is the common orange lily of marshlands and ditch banks. It blooms in mid July.

lilium michiganense - photo (c) 2003 Becknell and Lucas Media, Ltd.

Unlike its cousin, the prairie lily, this stunning wildflower seems to be doing well where sunny wetland areas are left without too much disturbance. The individual above was photographed on a roadside near English Lake in northwestern Starke County, Indiana on July 12, 2003.

The Michigan lily is often confused with the more southerly Turk's Cap lily - it's unlikely that a Turk's Cap lily would be found in a wild wetland in northern Indiana.

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Michigan lily colony, photographed by Marty Lucas near English Lake in Starke County, Indiana July 12, 2003. [230k]

Michigan lily closeup, photographed by Marty Lucas near English Lake in Starke County, Indiana July 12, 2003 - the same image shown above, but larger and higher res. [140k]

All photographs by Marty Lucas and © Becknell and Lucas Media, Ltd. Students may freely use these images in school reports not for publication without requesting permission. Others, please request permission by writing e-mail to Marty Lucas. Requests for uses aiding in the understanding and appreciation of prairies and native plants are routinely granted. Higher resolution photographs (sans copyright notice) suitable for printing are available for purchase.


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