Edge of the Prairiethe sand prairies and savannas of the Chicago region

    Lycopodium digitatum
    Fan clubmoss

This colony of Lycopodium digitatum was photographed in a second growth black oak woodland on Plainfield Sand in Starke County, Indiana in the late spring of 2000.

Lycopodium digitatum, photo by Marty Lucas

This plant was formerly known as Lycopodium complanatum ssp. flabelliforme.

Fan clubmoss (or southern ground cedar) is an attractive plant that would be welcome underneath oaks or pines in a garden setting, but most commentators say that it is difficult to establish a colony.


Lycopodium digitatum - photograph of plant with fertile frond on Texas A&M's web site.

Diphasiastrum digitatum (a synonym) on the Wisconsin State Herbarium's web site.



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