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[Photograph © 2002 John Cassady, all rights reserved, used by permission]

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the Kankakee River Log isn't here anymore, but -

- it's evolved, and moved up the food chain

for daily updates, visit the bigeastern homepage.

After the Kankakee River Log became my most popular page, I decided to move it to the front page to make it easier to update, and easier for users to find. With the move I also changed the name to bigeastern.com.

Thanks so much to everybody who has visited the KRLog or commented about it. Don't fret, the Kankakee River and its watershed gets plenty of attention on bigeastern.com. By expanding the scope somewhat, I'm hoping to grab more eyeballs, and include information about the Lake Michigan, Tippecanoe River and Lake Erie watersheds too.

So, to get links and commentary about enviro-news in northern Indiana, reset your bookmarks to bigeastern.com.

Old KRLog content is archived here, and can be accessed through the menu at left. I'm no longer actively updating it though, so much is becoming obsolete.

As always, if you have questions or comments e-mail me, Marty Lucas.

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