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This page is a companion to bigEastern.com's Kankakee River Log and is hosted as a public service of Becknell and Lucas Media, Ltd. of North Judson, Indiana. These maps are posted as a public service and no copyright is claimed in the map. Please give us credit - a link would be nice too - if you use it. Thanks for visiting!

Historic Maps of the Kankakee River region


1836 Map of the Kankakee in the Newton - Lake County Areas, hosted by the Lowell, Indiana Public Library - note that, at the time, Starke County was rectangular, including areas north of the Kankakee. Administration of these areas was moved to LaPorte County due to the difficulty in traversing the Grand Marsh. The Kankakee is also marked as the Theakiki, the Iroquois as the Pinkamink, and the Yellow River is (erroneously) shown as having its confluence with the Kankakee in Newton County.

Southern Lake Co., IN - 1888

click on image to download large map

Northern Newton Co., IN - 1888
Newton County, Indiana 1888

click on image to download large map

Click on the small maps above to download a larger copies. The Newton County map has been restored and partially colorized to make it easier to see the detail about the original land features. The full size map shows the location of Beaver Lake (by a red outline) which covered much of McClellan Twp. in northern Newton County prior to the drainage movement. The lake was already much reduced by the time this map was produced. Place names for marshes and the like are also rendered in red to make it easier to pick out against the marsh grass background sketching. We attempted to make the restoration as accurate as possible, but historians will want to refer to the original document, as parts of the copy we worked from were quite murky.

Printing. These maps are large downloads, but should produce a decent printed map if you take the time; computer monitors are a low-res environment and that becomes painfully obvious when trying to view a large and detailed map like this. We saving it to disk and then opening it in a paint program (ideally, Adobe Photoshop or Corel Photopaint) and the resampling it of 266 dpi and resizing to fit the page you'd like to print on (e.g. 5.3' by 11 inches for letter sized paper). It'll be best when printed in color, and to get the full detail print it as large as your equipment can manage.

For more historic maps of the Kankakee watershed go to Early Maps of the English Lake Area. We plan to migrate the content presently posted there to this area at some point, but for now we're more interested in adding more content.