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KRLog - Older press links

Press links relating to the Kankakee watershed that were formerly featured on our main page, but are now more than thirty days old are posted here. Many of these links will be expired, but if you're researching recent events in the watershed, you'll continue to find some useful information here - if nothing else, you may find my brief synopsis of the article's contents useful. For current links, be sure to visit the Kankakee River Log main page. For links to original KRLog content please visit our Op-Ed Archive.

Press links archive

LaPorte board vetoes proposal for hazardous-waste incinerator plant - consultant raises questions about economic viability and safety of proposal [11.14.2003 - Maddux - SoBndTrib]

not online: Starke Co. CAFO approved - A prop'd hog CAFO to be sited near Hamlet in NE Starke Co. was approved by the Starke Co. Zoning Bd. at a second hearing on the subject according to a copyrighted story in yesterday's Newshawk. According to the article, the relatively small size of the facility, and the fact that the applicant was already operating a CAFO at the same site were cited as reasons supporting the applicant.[11.13.2003 - from Terry Turner's Newshawk]

Activist to address concerns over Flint Lake Village - Walt Breitinger raises concerns about effects of prop'd development on Flint Lake (in Valpo area) - argues for 'the need to reduce the size of the outflow tubes to detain stormwater in the development and return it to the aquifer rather than let it flow into the Flint Lake watershed' - wants more buffer strips, less phosphate fertilizer. [11.11.2003 - Wieland - nwiTimes] -- BACKGROUND -- Walt Breitinger chairs the Valparaiso Chain of Lakes Watershed Group - find out more about this organization and their goals HERE [Purdue North Central]. I'm trying to contact Walt to ask him to tell us more about the Valparaiso Chain of Lakes Watershed Group, if anybody can help please send me e-mail.

Property owner doesn't want to hear about odor in future - owner of rendering plant on Yellow River in Plymouth, notorious for its stench, appears at Plymouth Plan Commission to protest proposed residential development in the area -- here's an amazing quote 'In the event that the subdivision is built and neighbors have a problem with a perceived odor coming from Read's operations, he told the commissioner, Don't ring my damn phone anymore.' [11.9.2003 - Munson - SoBndTrib] - I've also posted my comments as The right to stink.

Environment requires everyone's attention - Asian carp invasion shows why education and public involvement in environmental protection is needed [11.10.2003 - Editorial - nwiTimes]

Environmentalists hail surprising success - 'area environmentalists have been achieving surprising success in a tough climate by focusing on the local level' [11.6.2003 - O'Shaughnessy - nwiTimes]

World's Most Alkaline Life Forms Found Near Chicago - in the massive industrial iron slag pit filled wetland areas of south Chicago and NWI some primitive lifeforms exist in some of the most hostile chemical environments on earth. [11.5.2003 - Geological Soc. of America - SciDaily]

Mercury Rules Work, Study Finds - Fla. study shows 'tough regulations of airborne mercury emissions have a profound and almost immediate effect in removing the toxic pollutant from the environment and the food chain' [11.5.2003 - Pianin - WaPost - link X Indiana Law Blog]

Three Waterfowl Hotspots in our State - KF&WA top spot for waterfowl hunting in Indiana -- but what's the second best. [11.4.2003 - Schoonveld - Indiana Game and Fish]

Conservationists sue to save dragonfly - Hine's emerald dragonfly listed as endangered since 1995, but little action from feds [11.4.2003 - Funkhauser - Green Bay News-Chronicle]

Pork producers give Visclosky tour of Jasper Co. CAFO - U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky, D--Merrillville, tours CAFO of DeMotte pork producer Malcolm De Kryger said to be 'setting standards for operations around the world' [10.28.2003 - Rainsford - KV Post-News]

Indiana pork producers to challenge Waterkeeper Alliance leader - Indiana Pork Producers distance themselves from 'notorious polluter Klaus Pohlmann'; say most CAFOs in Indiana are operated responsibly. [10.14.2003 - Rainsford - @griculture news]

Preserves' best view may be on the river - a look at the string of Cook County Forest Preserves along the Des Plaines (which joins the Kankakee to form the Illinois River) -- river recreation and the need for stewardship. [10.30.2003 - Goze - Buffalo Grove Countryside]

Conservation program gets overwhelming response - 'Indiana farmers have been so eager to take advantage of conservation programs offered in the 2002 farm bill, they submitted many more applications this year than could be funded.' [10.26.2003 - Tharp - Richmond Palladium]

Songs in the Kankakee of life: Perfect Monday inspires wonder - 'For the first few minutes Monday, while Mullady pushed us toward the dawn, I sat on the cusp of perfection, what Buddhists might call nirvana, what I would call a state of worship.' [10.22.2003 - Bowman - ChiSunTimes]

Reprinted book recalls lost beauty of Newton County's Beaver Lake - 'What God so grandly created, man has miserably destroyed' -- had [Beaver Lake] survived, 'I can't even imagine how different this area would be, in terms of tourism," Bassett says. "I can't even imagine.' says Barce author of Beaver Lake: A Land of Enchantment [10.19.2003 - Cullen - Lafayette Courier & Journal]

Peotone airport commission making key appointments - [10.20.2003 - nwiTimes]

Deer Dilemna - too much of a good thing? - interesting article about the unique challenges facing land managers trying to control deer populations in urban preserves in the Chicago region. [Fall Edition - Spencer - ChiWild]

Story misses mark on deer management - Dr. James C. Kroll, dir. Inst. for White-Tailed Deer Mngmt. write letter to ed. of IndyStar critical of IN-DNR management of deer, and arguing for more landowner involvment. [10.12.2003 - Kroll - IndyStar]

DNR to help airport with deer problem - deer incidents at Plymouth airport on the rise; electric fence, controlled hunt being considered [10.16.2003 - Munson - SoBndTrib]

Republicans want better housing - man bites dog in Plymouth, as Republicans announce goal of increased enforcement of housing regulations to encourage affordable home ownership. [10.15.2003 - Creasy - PlyPilot]

Trailhead proposed for C.P. path - project slated to start next summer, but some Liberty residents unhappy [10.15.2003 - Newton - nwiTimes]

Otters' comeback making a splash in Indiana rivers - [10.14.2003 - AP - IndyStar]

Fish and Wildlife study shows economic benefits of wildlife refuges - fed'l wildlife refuges becoming more popular tourism destinations offering 'less structured' outdoor experiences compared w/ parks, according to USF&WS study. [10.10.2003 - AP - ENN]

Local farmer builds wetland - Fred Wolff of Plymouth starts 120a restoration on his property in conjunction w/ Conservation Reserve Program [10.10.2003 - Robertson - PlyPilot]

Wetland task force makeup questioned - developers want bigger share of wetlands task force - rumor mill says legislature may vote to override late Gov. O'Bannon's veto of weak wetlands bill, challenging Gov. Kernan's committment to the issue. [10.9.2003 - Slabaugh - Muncie Star-Press]

Lawmaker complains wetlands task force too one-sided - State Sen Beverly Gard says wetlands task force too pro-environmental - Gard authored weak wetlands bill vetoed by late Gov. O'Bannon last spring. [10.9.2003 - Callahan - Louisville C-J - link X IER]

Huge dairies arrive in northwest Indiana - Jasper and Newton counties 'just a good place for the cows' says spokesman for Netherlands based dairy giant - Windy Ridge Farm has 3,500 head, typical for larger operation - operations attracted by abundant land, water, quality feed and coolish weather - dairy farms offer employment opportunities in rural communities but pose risk of odors, flies, and manure contamination of rivers and streams. [10.4.03 - Henrichs - nwiTimes] - for related comments see KRLog note not to worry, it was all pre-killed and IDEM investigates manure spill.

South Suburbs wage turf war with Will County over airport - latest on the political background of the prop'd SoBurb airport. [10.4.03 - Henrichs - nwiTimes]

beyond the Kankakee: TNC's Tippecanoe River Project manager Chad Watts sees sediment as biggest issue in Monon Ditch project - [10.6.03 - KRLog]

State sues Porter County conservation district over trust fund - Indiana AG's office calls Porter Co. S&WCD to task for claiming improper expenditures from unauthorized trust fund. [10.3.03 - AP - IndyStar]

State sues Porter County conservation district over trust fund - Indiana AG's office calls Porter Co. S&WCD to task for claiming improper expenditures from unauthorized trust fund. [10.3.03 - AP - IndyStar]

Pollution prevention program progressing - Donnie Davidson, Plymouth wastewater and sewer department superintendent describes Plymouth's program to control stormwater source pollution of the Yellow River, a major Kankakee trib. [9.30.03 - Munson - SoBndTrib]

KRBC and that River of Sand - KRBC considering projects in Yellow River watershed [9.29.03 - Lucas - KRLog]

Marcia Oddi's Indiana Law Blog includes a more in-depth look at the IDEM v. Twin-Eagle decision: Supreme Court Rules on IDEM's Authority to Regulate Wetlands not covered by Federal Law [9.27.03] - including a link to Bose McKinney's summary: Court Decision Affects Property Owners' Dredge and Fill Activities on Wetlands by Bryan Babb.

IDEM v. Twin-Eagle LLC - the official online publication of this week's ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court holding that IDEM has authority to regulate 'isolated wetlands' and certain ponds even if they are not 'waters of the United States'. [posted online 9.25.2003 - Supreme Court of Indiana] - for your editor's comments see the KRLog notes, below.

Trying to solve mystery of croaking cricket frogs - all frog species have declined due to habitat loss, but decline of Blanchard's cricket frog has been precipitous, including in nwi. [9.25.03 - Wisby - ChiSunTimes]

High court aids isolated wetlands - Indiana Supreme Court rules IDEM has authority to regulate 'isolated' wetlands - decision reverses prior pro-developer decision in 'Twin-Eagle' case. [9.24.03 - Webber - IndyStar] See also Marcia Oddi's Indiana Law Blog - Supreme Court Upholds IDEM Authority to Regulate Private Ponds and Isolated Wetlands.

State withdraws Conservancy funds - Plymouth based folk singer George Schricker honors Chief Menominee, the man who wouldn't sign away his land in what is today Marshall Co. - he and his followers were removed at gunpoint to Kansas, on what became known as the Trail of Death in 1838. [9.23.03 - Stowe - SoBndTrib]

Valpo stormwater board updating its priority list - Beauty Creek among areas slated for erosion control structures. [9.22.03 - Wieland - nwiTimes]

Crying wolf? - recent recovery of dead wild wolf in Indiana leads to speculation about whether the species might re-establish itself - young wolves capable of long treks seeking new territory; Hoosier Nat'l Forest in southern Indiana could might provide sufficient forested habitat. [9.16.03 - McLaren - IndyStar - link X IER]

Open Sewage Foes drop Fight - opposition to sewage equalization lagoon at Lake Dalecarlia concede they can't prove it would be an enviro-hazard sufficiently to successfully oppose IDEM permit - say they spent $10k in atty's fees and can't afford to continue the fight. [9.16.03 - Post-Trib - link X IER]

Plan will look at new ways to handle storm water - "seeking alternative ways of dealing with storm water rather than digging another detention pond or installing a sewer" [9.15.03 - Wieland - nwiTimes - link X IER]

Planners postpone waste transfer decision - public opposition prompts review of Porter Co. Plan Com. move to do away w/ special exception requirement for waste transfer station [9.11.03 - Brown - nwiTimes]

Hebron hires firm to study downtown - merchants' advise sought about future of downtown [9.9.03 - Baros - nwiTimes]

Wheatfield officer follows man into Kankakee River after car/foot chase - Brandon Napier saves intoxicated man from likely drowning in Kankakee over Labor day weekend. [9.3.03 - Tomlinson - KVPost]

New pollution rules to have little effect on NWI - NIPSCo says their plants will comply w/ air pollution standards [9.2.03 - Frith - nwiTimes]

Tree-eating beetle found in second county - Emerald ash borer spreading in Ohio, nears Indiana. [9.2.03 - AP - IndyStar]

Porter County CEDIT funds eyed for mass transit - Porter Co. Commissioners interested in bringing SoShore line to Valpo, possibly a bus network too (editor's note - Porter Co. is using EDIT funds for a shooting range?) [8.29.03 - Urbanik - Chesterton Trib]

Valpo lawyer urges group to think big - Gordon Etzler says Valpo downtown renewal should be ambitious [8.27.03 - Wieland - nwiTimes]

Asphalt plant vote enrages 2 - Lake County Council includes asphalt plant w/ tire recycling facility in ag area near Lowell - south Lake County officials opposed [8.25.03 - Spivak - nwiTimes]

Exploring the ravine - meet the Bourbonnais Geological Area [8.22.03 - Byrns - Kank D-J]

Van Vactor Farms, Inc. v. Marshall Co. Plan Com., et al. - Indiana Ct. of Appeals decision upholds, but criticizes, Marshall Co. Plan Com. decision rejecting prop'd residential development in Myers Lake area - septic systems, traffic issues, and conflicts between ag and res uses cited - Court criticizes Board for saying they've made a decision (to refuse the subdiv) and will 'sift the sand' to find reasons. [8.20.03 - per Judge Kirsch - hosted by Marcia Oddi's Indiana Law Blog - in .pdf]

Blueberry festival likely to draw a half million people to Plymouth - largest 3 day festival in Indiana [8.17.03 - Creasy - AP - IndyStar]

Plymouth mayor to resign amid health problems - [8.16.03 - AP - PlyPilot - IndyStar]

Air pollution isn't just a local problem - [8.13.03 - Russell - nwiTimes]

Porkfest Parade entries due Thursday - 'Kouts Korner' includes entry about new book Diary of a Kankakee River Guide about the life of George Wilcox, published by the Kankakee Valley Historical Society. [8.13.03 - Russell - Times/NWI]

'Smart-bomb' technology moving to China - smart bomb component production to be moved from NWInd plant to China, Pentagon denies security issue - Valpo plant was purchased by Chinese 'consortium' apparently operated by the Chinese gov. in 2000. [8.12.03 - Gossett - World News Daily]

Our State's Top Public Waterfowling - Kankakee State F&WA tops in waterfowl harvest. [8.8.03 - Crowley - Indiana Fish & Game Mag]

Drainage project to include more land in Jackson Township - while Valpo looks for environmentally benign approaches to handling drainage needs, Porter Co. Drainage Board seems to stick to the same old thing - clearing banks and dredging. [7.25.03 - Urbanik - ChestertonTrib]

Valparaiso studies Stimson stormwater design proposals - Valpo looks beyond retention basins and storm sewers seeking more environmentally benign ways to handle precipitation. [7.28.03 - Wieland - Times/NWI]

Of Bears, bikes and bass - a city view of weekending on the Kank. [7.27.03 - Bowman - ChiSunTimes]

Area group slates workshops to teach history and culture - Wizawzibek Native American Cultural Center Inc. will host sessions at Ancilla College near Donaldson teaching 'history and culture of Yellow River tribes'. [7.11.03 - Stowe - SoBndTrib]

Rainfall ignites officials' fears of West Nile - heavy rains, upcoming warm weather create favorable conditions for W.Nile. [7.11.03 - Jackson - SoBndTrib]

So far, local flooding problems avoided - Yellow River, Tippecanoe are high, but no major flooding problems yet - fortunately, water levels were low prior to heavy rains, as were ground water levels. [7.10.03 - Munson - SoBndTrib]

Lake [county] communities among state's fastest growing - 'People leaving Illinois, Lake Michigan area, settling farther south in county' - but fastest growing region in Indiana continues to be Indianapolis 'burbs. [7.10.03 - AP - Times/NWI]

Environmental group seeks new state seal - HEC dir. Maloney says Indiana's 200 yr old seal depicting man chopping down tree with axe while a bison runs for its life sends message that's outdated [7.7.03 - AP - SoBndTrib]

[Marshall] County is 5th in carcinogens released - article looks at statistics and trends in toxic air pollution emissions in northern Indiana [7.3.03 - Creasy - PlyPilot]

County Park Board reacts to criticism over fees - some cross country teams will quit using Porter Co. parks for meets due to entrance and use fees [7.7.03 - Urbanik - Chesterton Trib]

Subsidies drive up land costs - ag-economist questions value of subsidies citing examples of 6-figure subsidies for ag operations in Kankakee River region. [7.7.03 - Lazarus - Times/NWI]

Chicago, airlines agree on O'Hare expansion pact, report says - $3.9b in contracts for O'Hare upgrades [7.7.03 - AP - ChiSunTimes]

Outdoor notes - is it safe to wade with bare skin? (scan to bottom of article) [7.6.03 - ChiSunTimes]

Landfill battle predicted - Indiana Supreme Ct. decision paves way for battle 'on the merits' re/ proposed So. Porter Co. landfill [7.2.03 - Kasarda - Times/NWI]

In law we trust - what does the 'public trust doctrine' mean, and how does it apply to rivers, lakes and other water recources? [July/Aug. - Dowie - Orion]

Archaeological study begins along Kankakee - Mark Schurr leads ND students in excavation at site of Collier Lodge on Kankakee near Kouts - Collier Lodge is important historic site, but Schurr's main interest is investigating prehistoric occupations, believed to extend back at least 2k-yrs. [6.13.03 - Mitchell - Times/NWI]

Forked Creek Impoundment - IL-DNR Streams Specialst Robert Rung's list of probable negative impacts of prop'd impoundment of Forked Creek. [6.8.03 - Mullady - Sportsmans Letter]

Crete, township abuzz over mosquito abatement - W.Nile fears prompt extension of mosquito control programs to rural areas in E. Will Co. [6.13.03 - Knowled-Wantuch - Times/NWI]

The area has plenty of fishing holes - [6.12.03 - Marciulis - theStar]

Special feature - Wetlands brochure - a coalition of Indiana environmental groups explains its opposition to SB491. [4.18.03 - Ind. Div. Izaak Walton League, Cedar Creek Wildlife Project, Inc., Save the Dunes, HEC - hosted by the KRLog, by permission - 1.5M, .pdf]

Governor to create American Indian commission - Indiana Gov. O'Bannon's exec order will allow Miami Tribe of Indiana to participate at state level despite lack of recognition by feds. [6.22.03 - AP - IndyStar]

Taltree offers summer wildflower ID class - 'learn to identify native and introduced plants encountered in the Kankakee River and Lake Michigan drainage basins of Northwest Indiana' [6.23.03 - Stefanski - Times/NWI]

Mercury 'linked to autism' - recent study shows Hg levels of autistic children's hair low; may indicate they're not able to get toxic material out of their systems [6.19.03 - BBC] - note: recent studies have shown very high Hg levels in region rainwater, mainly from coal-fired power plants and incinerators.

The Bergs have outdoors stories to tell - (at bottom of article) - coverage of the opening of 'tour season' at Midewin Nat'l Tallgrass Prairie. [6.19.03 - Macuilis - Suburban Star]

Small grassy areas near cropland may benefit birds and farmers - grassland nesting birds (e.g. eastern meadowlark, dickcissels) quickly move into grassy areas amidst large expanses of cropland - birds are insect eaters and can reduce bug damage to crops. [6.19.03 - AP - Times/NWI]

Taltree to honor Friends with reception - reception for Valpo area arboretum scheduled for 7-9:30 Friday. [6.16.03 - AP - Times/NWI]

Indiana lags behind most state in organic farms - interest in organic farming growing in Indiana, but lags behind nation - some blame Purdue, others conservative Indiana farmers; but organic dairy farming being embraced by Amish dairies. [6.15.03 - AP - IndyStar]

Forest preserve approves change order - reference to new 'eco-friendly' park HQ at trailhead of Wauponsee Glacial Trail, from Joliet to the Kankakee River. [6.14.03 - Pyke - Suburban Daily Herald]

Knode Creek repair approved - but Valpo reviewing policies and priorities for similar projects. [6.4.03 - Wieland - Times/NWI]

Pilot News names new executives - The Plymouth Pilot News and its sister weekly newspapers announce Jeff Cordill as their new publisher - [6.3.03 - PlyPilot]

Lawmakers OK O'Hare expansion - Dems Daley and Blagojevich flex muscles in Illinois, authorizing O'Hare expansion, and de-funding prop'd SoBurb airport at Peotone. [6.1.03 - McKinney & Wetterich - ChiSunTimes]

Kankakee lives up to its name - another guided smallie trip down the Kankakee with Matt Mullady [6.1.03 - Lampe - PJStar]

Cities, counties prepare for West Nile's return - control of W.Nile should focus on culex pipiens mosquito [5.31.03 - AP - IndyStar]

Gary Mayor Wants To Speed Up Casino Talks - Miami Tribe of Oklahoma cites records of 17th century villages on the Kankakee as authority for right to build casino in NWI in 21st. [5.31.03 - PokerMag]

Mercury in the water - High levels of Hg in Indiana rainwater originates maingly from coalfired power plants - one sample from NWI had levels 33 times the level designated safe by EPA - over the long term, accumulation of Hg in the Great Lakes, and potentially shallow aquifers, could render our huge fresh water resources mostly unusable. [5.30.03 - Biesen - Times/NWI]

O'Bannon defends IDEM - Gov. O'Bannon says IDEM stategy of settling enviro lawsuits amicably if possible is proper approach. [5.29.03 - Lazarus - Times/NWI]

Sting and a miss: Bumbling Bees to blame - criticism of the financial support and management for Illinois State parks and public recreation system system - includes note your humble editor agress with: Illinois mows too much in their state parks, it's a waste of money and bad for the environment...here's one area where Indiana does better than Illinois (there aren't many); Indiana parks are mostly managed in a 'nature first' style, and they are one of Indiana's best assets. [5.28.03 - Outdoors - ChiSunTimes]

U.S. presidential panel favors extending ocean science to inland issues - U.S. presidential commission favors injecting ocean science into decision-making on traditionally inland issues such as agriculture runoff from farms [5.28.03 - Heilpren - ENN]

Lowell looks to whittle sewer costs - Lowell Town Council hires consultant to review engineering costs ass'd w/ $8.1m sewer improvement project. [5.28.03 - Csepiga - Times/NWI]

Plenty to see along the Kankakee - recounts a trip down the Kankakee guided by Matt Mullady - Bowman calls the Kankakee 'the neatest water in the state' - includes smallmouth fishing tips. [5.25.03 - Bowman - ChiSunTimes]

IDEM fails to collect - IDEM's enforcement criticized; one third of fines levied not collected since '97 - IDEM defends records saying many Indiana companies are 'on the edge' both financially and environmentally. [5.27.03 - Lazarus - Times/NWI]

Plenty of good fishing spots - scroll down to Kankakee River section... [5.?.03 - Rezanka - Streator Times-Press]

Bike trails abound in area - [5.?.03 - Miklos - Streator Times-Press]

Streetscape project funded - Crown Pt. downtown square to get facelift, part of effort to improve 'streetscape'. [5.20.03 - Newton - Times/NWI]

Airport signs vandalized, again - I-57 'Future Site of South Suburban Airport' signs torn down during weekend - one cut into pieces dragged into Peotone. [5.20.03 - Henrichs - Times/NWI]

Morel hunting rewarding, but also hazardous - mushroom hunting safety tips. [5.20.03 - AP - Times/NWI]

State again wants reports of dead birds for West Nile tracking - esp. blue jays, crows or raptors. [5.16.03 - Coyne - AP - SoBndTrib]

New rule puts farms under more scrutiny - Ind. Water Pollution Control Bd. passes rule to tighten waste controls at large livestock producing facilities, but use of gen'l permits could limit neighbors rights to object. [5.14.03 - Webber - IndyStar]

Kankakee books for sale - Kankakee Valley Historical Society selling two books by Ira M. Frye, The Kankakee River and Kankakee River 2. [5.14.03 - Times/NWI]

Morel madness - mushroon tales. [5.15.03 - Jackson - SoBndTrib]

Rising Kankakee presents few problems - Kankakee crest is well below weather service prediction of 13' 7", levee in good shape. [5.13.03 - Csepiga - Times/NWI]

Environmentalists pleased by veto - details of Ind. Gov. O'Bannon's veto of HB 1798 - IDEM's Cheryl Reed says isolated wetlands will continue to receive protection as 'waters of the state'. [5.10.03 - DeAgostino - SoBndTrib]

Governor Vetoes HB 1798 - Ind. Gov. Frank O'Bannon vetoes exemption riddled wetlands law. [5.9.03 - Gov. O'Bannon's website]

A tale of two airports -- and a casino - W/ Democrat gov., Chicago's Mayor Daley now wielding increased power - that means O'Hare expansion, likely deemphasis of prop'd SoBurb airport. [5.12.03 - Little - Times/NWI]

Group wants local Native American center - Wizawzibek Native American Cultural Center, Inc. established April 27 to promote Native American center in Marshall Co. - Wizawzibek means "Place at the Yellow River" in the Potawatomi language - spokesman says group "develop a campus and facility where we will be able to provide formal and informal opportunities to learn about the 10,000 or more years Native People have lived in Indiana and the Great Lakes area" [undated - PlyPilot]

South Bend man plans second American Indian cultural center - Greg Bellew heads native American group that wants to build a Great Lakes Indian cultural center in Marshall County, near the Yellow River. [5.9.03 - AP/SoBndTrib - IndyStar]

Groups urge veto of new wetlands bill - NWF, IDEM lawyers agree that bill currently on Gov. O'Bannon's desk (H.B. 1798) would likely result in significant damage to Indiana's wetlands, other waters - enviro groups campaigning for veto. [5.8.03 - DeAgostino - SoBndTrib]

Hunter harassment law faces challenge - Shugers will challenge law on vagueness, free speech theories. [5.6.03 - Kasarda - Times/NWI]

Beetles put the bite on loosestrife plants - galerucella beetles offer hope of keeping purple loosestrife under control. [5.5.03 - Wieland - Times/NWI]

Curbing the West Nile risk - simple preventative measures probably more effective than hi-tech gadgets. [5.5.03 - Falda - SoBndTrib]

Midwest wetlands almost gone but still have most species - despite large scale environmental disruptions of past century and a half, corn belt not yet a biological wasteland - Illinois study indicates 90% of original species probably still survive, albeit in much reduced numbers [5.1.03 - Farm&Dairy]

Tis the season to catch an Illinois-record fish - includes (at bottom) discussion of state record walleye caught on Kankakee River, the oldest record on the books in Illinois, w/ comments by Ed Mullady. [4.23.03 - ChiSunTimes]

Manager to leave Peotone airport project - Brad Roseberry leaves SoBurb Airport project; had testified in corruption trial related to Operation Safe Road during Ryan admin. - Gov. Blagojevich cuts property acquisition funds from $15m to $5m, yet to name replacement for Roseberry. [4.22.03 - Henrichs - Times/NWI]

Rule requires cities to announce sewer overflows - [4.17.03 - AP - IndyStar]

It's official: Downtown Lowell's historic - district now listed on Nat'l Register of Historic Places - allows eligibility of façade restorations. [4.17.03 - Csepiga - Times/NWI]

IURC hearing on NIPSCO plan draws crowd - NIPSCo says it can maintain service quality by using maintenance workers operating out of their homes - Union claims as many as 200 jobs may be terminated. [4.17.03 - Maddux - SoBndTrib]

Hog-raising lawmaker has readers raising a rumpus - [4.16.03 - OpEd by Holladay - IndyStar - link X IER]

Editor's note - the 'rumpus' Ruth Holladay discusses is the outrage of citizens at the special-interest self dealing aspects of Doc Jackman's proposal to exempt stock buildings from permit requirements. It's yet another example of how Indiana voters need to support their regulators.

Waste collection facility to be built in May - facility for household waste that's unsafe for landfill will be built on Walter Glaub Dr. at cost of $141k. [4.16.03 - Ochstein - SoBndTrib - link X IER]

Law Judge quits, he'll pay fine - IN Office of Environmental Adjudication Wayne Penrod resigns, admitting he billed state for hours he didn't work - will pay $10k fine. [4.15.03 - Corcoran - IndyStar - link X IER]

In Senate bill, farms won't need building permits - State Sen. Robert Jackman (R), Milroy, sponsors bill that would exempt stock farms from building permit requirements. [4.14.03 - Webber - IndyStar - link X IER]

Mystery of yellow stuff solved - lab test show material found on Cedar Lake, elsewhere, is pine tree pollen. [4.15.03 - Jostes - Times/NWI]

The Great Spray Debate - is Anvil (a synthetic pyrethrin insecticide) the right answer for W. Nile control? [Spring Edition - Pearson - ChiWild]

Ripple effect - latest edition of IN-DNR's Hoosier Wetlands newsletter discusses status of legislation to protect isolated wetlands - also info about swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata), an important wetland obligate forb, and everybody's favorite wetland insect the dragonfly. [April 2003 - IN-DNR]

Feds: Lincoln water safe to drink - filtration system effectively removing MtBE from water at school in Roselawn [4.10.03 - Spivak - Times/NWI]

DNR preparing to fight aquatic exotic species - Eurasian milfoil, bighead carp, purple loosestrife, white perch among alien species that wreak havoc with ecosystems, cost millions. [4.9.03 - ChestertonTrib]

ChiSun Outdoors - scroll to bottom of this article to get Dale Bowman's reaction to Ed Mullady's comments expressing amazement at IL-DNR's recent expression of support for the USF&WS [4.9.03 - Bowman - ChiSun-Times]

Board approves new layout plan for airport - Plymouth airport to extend runway to 5k' to accomodate jets w/in FAA rules - gets about 570 jet usages/yr. [4.9.03 - Ochstein - SoBndTrib]

Kankakee River Cleanup, Be there or be square, man - Illinois Smallmouth Alliance' spring clean up - Saturday, April 26, 2003 - follow the link for details. [4.8.03 - 'Creekyknees' - Sportsman's Voice of Illinois]

Stalemate endangers wetlands protection law - House, Senate committee chairs at impasse, isolated wetlands bill likely to fail. [4.8.03 - Webber - IndyStar]

Photo: Dunn's Bridge restoration wins state engineering award - historic bridge restoration is focus of new Porter Co. Park - honored at Engineering Excellence Banquet sponsored by the American Council of Engineering Companies. [4.4.03 - Urbanik - ChestertonTrib]

Wetlands stuck in muck - prop'd legislation to protect isolated wetlands in Indiana in legistlative impasse - that could be good or bad for wetlands, depending on whom you ask, and upcoming court action. [4.4.03 - O'Shaughnessy - Times/NWI]

Outdoor notes - includes smallmouth fishing tips for the Kankakee. [4.6.03 - ChiSunTimes]

Illinois smallmouth bass regulations - Ed Mullady wonders about the new smallmouth bass regs on the Kankakee in Illinois. [4.1.03 - Mullady - Sportsman's Letter]

Farmers in northern Indiana worried about below-normal precipitation - [4.2.03 - Coyne - AP - IndyStar]

Wetlands legislation hanging on by teeth - Senate and House versions haven't been reconciled - Panels won't hear competing versions - deadline looms. [4.1.03 - DeAgostino - SoBndTrib]

Cedar Lake withholds sewer taps - soil erosion at Havenwood dev't cited [4.2.03 - Jostes - Times/NWI]

Study finds more stormwater problems for Valpo - Giollitto, ecologist for J.F.New cites need for prairie buffers, detention ponds to help Valpo area lakes - goldfish infestation one of many problems at eutrophic Spectacle Lake. [4.2.03 - Wieland - Times/NWI]

Ducks Unlimited's Marsh Program - overview of Ducks Unlimited programs in Indiana, including funding of individual projects. [Ducks Unlimited - undated]

Unusual nerve symptoms may signal West Nile - studies show some W. Nile patients show neurological symptoms, blurred vision, numbness, tremors. [4.1.03 - AP - Times/NWI]

Fascinating finds come to artifacts roadshow - archaeologists Mangold and Schurr provide insight into prehistory of Kankakee River regions, stretching back at least 11k yrs. [3.30.03 - Starr - Times/NWI]

Tougher EPA rules could stun state - tightened fed'l ozone standards could impact road construction in a third of Indiana, including most (perhaps all) of the Kankakee River Region. [3.29.03 - Webber - IndyStar]

A lesson that comes out of the air, lands in our hearts - a living haiku here in Kankakee country. [3.27.03 - essay by Brian Williams - Times/NWI]

Valpo considers $75,000 for lagoon oil cleanup - [3.26.03 - Wieland - Times/NWI]

Wave of meth production inspires new legislation - Illinois officials say tightened laws in neighboring states are pushing meth production there - 677 clandestine labs found in 2002. [3.26.03 - Times/NWI]

Council questions Costas' proposal - 'Flint Lake Village' prop'd 20a, 47 unit PUD near Valpo comes under planning scrutiny. [3.25.03 - Wieland - Times/NWI]

Wetland bill called unintelligible - "it seems to exempt damn near everything" says attorney John Kusler who has participated in drafting of numerous wetlands laws - language of bill, drafted by pro-development attorneys and lobbyists, convoluted and arcane. [3.20.03 - Slabaugh - Muncie Starpress]

County loses request to reveal landfill investors - Judge rejects attempt to unveil names behind Porter Development. [3.20.03 - Urbanik - Chesterton Trib]

Where we stand - editorial in Kankakee Daily-Journal supports construction of Davis Creek Lodge, saying it would be asset to community, providing employment and recreational opportunities. [3.14.03 - OpEd by Phil Angelo - Kankakee D-J]

Forum focuses on lake cleanup - Five inlets to the lake and how they affect its clarity will be discussed at the Cedar Lake Enhancement Association's Thursday meeting - Cedar Lake rec'd LARE grant, part of project expected to include dredging of sediment. [3.12.03 - Times/NWI]

Activists fear loss of more vulnerable wetlands - Wetlands bills currently moving through Indiana legislature supported by industry, agriculture but IN-DNR spokesman says either bill too weak, will result in loss of important wetlands - extensive, detailed article. [3.10.03 - Lindsay - Times/NWI]

Taltree awarded $9,000 grant - Valpo area arboretum get IN-DNR grant for public ed re/ importance of 'urban forests'. [3.10.03 - Stefanski - Times/NWI]

Board has drainage concerns at Mallard - Valpo City Engineer David Pilz espousing progressive drainage and watershed ideas relating to prop'd Mallard development at SRs 2 and 49 intersection - including planting of trees along stream and managing to discourage nuisance geese. [3.5.03 - Wieland - Times/NWI]

Da Kank & Da Slough - IN-DNR article w/photos about the outstanding waterfowl hunting opportunities at Kankakee State Fish & Wildlife Area and Willow Slough State Fish & Wildlife Area - part of IN-DNR's efforts to publicize the values of the state's remaining wetlands. [2.27.03 - IN-DNR]

Investors still propose landfill - developer says prop'd south Porter Co. landfill is essential public service [2.25.03 - PostTrib - link X IER]

Flawed wetland legislation - Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette editorial says Indiana should legislate to provide robust protection to isolated wetlands, including small ones. [2.24.03 - Editorial - Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette]

Panel seeks answers to E coli contamination; New rules to make septic systems more expensive - discussion of research into e-coli contamination problem; nitrate control systems may raise cost of septic systems in rural areas, esp. those w/ sandy soils - pilot project to 'fingerprint' e-coli prop'd for Lake of the Four Seasons. [2.18.03 - Poparad - Chesterton Trib]

Secretive lodge site selection - Bourbonnais attorney feels the public has been wrongfully excluded from debate about site of prop'd Kankakee River Lodge, doesn't like Davis Creek site choice. [2.16.03 - Guest OpEd by McClure - Kankakee D-J]

A valentine for the Kankakee - [2.14.03 - Kankakee D-J]

Bradley spends funds on sanitary system - [2.14.03 - Frey - Kankakee D-J]

A Glance Outdoors - KRBP retains officers [2.14.03 - Byrns - Kankakee D-J]

Midewin looks at reptiles - Turtles, snakes, and a lizard- Midewin is a hot-spot for reptiles. [2.14.03 - Reavis - Kankakee D-J]

Criticism of proposed Davis Creek Lodge - note scan down page to the 'bullet'. [2.13.03 - Mike Clifford - the Star]

County hopes to sell landfill property - $9m settlement of landfill dispute leaves Lake Co. w/ 562a property in Eagle Creek Twp., facing decisions on how to pay for settlement. [2.14.03 - Quinn - Gary P-T]

Lake County paying developer $9 million to drop landfill plans - Hickory Hills Dev. Co. will be paid $9m to drop plans for landfill near Lowell. [2.12.03 - AP - IndyStar]

On thin ice - Practicing ice rescues in Valpo - w/photo. [2.13.03 - Kosky - Times/NWI]

Gard to change wetland bill - IN-DNR director Goss, IDEM director Kaplan oppose developer drafted wetland bill: "Based on the somewhat limited data we can draw from, our initial estimates indicate that the bill's various provisions would exempt most of the state's isolated wetlands from any protection under the proposed regulatory program." - Beverly Gard says that's not her intent, will consider redrafting. [2.13.03 - Slabaugh - Muncie Star-Press]

Eagles have landed along Kankakee, Fox - open water areas between Aroma Park and Momence attracting wintering bald eagles - also info about the Great Backyard Bird County. [2.12.03 - Bowman - Chi Sun-Times]

NIPSCO forum attracts complaints - NIPSCo cutting staff, closing offices - calls the process 'Operation Excellence' - ratepayers not impressed "2002 Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates... NIPSCO ranked last in customer satisfaction among 18 medium-size utilities in the United States". [2.12.03 - Porta - Times/NWI]

DNR addresses gypsy moth problem - Gypsy moths found in M'Ville, area will be subject to 'slow the spread' measures in 2003 says IN-DNR - spraying planned for May. [2.12.03 - Cole - Times/NWI]

Howl! Indiana considers $5 bounty for coyotes - $5 bounty on coyotes opposed by DNR. [2.11.03 - Smith - IndyStar]

DNR to address moth-spraying - 'Slow the Spread' program will spray for invasive gypsy moths in Merrilleville area this year; public meeting Tues. 9:30 at M'ville Town Hall. [2.10.03 - Cole - Times/NWI]

Photo: Reads named Sagamores "the term 'Sagamore' was used by Native Americans to describe someone in the tribe whom the chief would turn to for wisdom and advice" - Herb Read says he thinks it may be the first time the award was given "to someone who has spent the better part of the last 50 years criticizing Indiana politicians" [2.7.03 - Urbanik - ChestertonTrib]

Indiana storm water rules raising lots of questions - compliance w/ new IDEM storm water rules will require public cooperation - education and PR campaign in the offing. [2.7.03 - Wieland - Times/NWI]

The schoolhouse mystery - fate of the 107yr old Lowell school... [2.8.03 - Spivak - Times/NWI]

Hoosier wetlands newsletter - includes references to restoration efforts for the Grand Marsh of the Kankakee. [Jan. 22 edition - IDNR]

Army Corps drops plans for flood-control project on Kankakee - "The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has dropped plans for a major flood-control project along northern Indiana's Kankakee River..." [2.4.03 - IndyStar]

Reads awarded Sagamore of the Wabash - Herbert and Charlotte Read, veteran environmental advocates, esp. in regards to saving the dunes, have been honored by Gov. O'Bannon w/ the state's highest award. [2.4.03 - Times/NWI]

Controlled burning used in restoring land to natural state - TNC's restoration project downstream on the Illinois. [2.4.03 - AP - Times/NWI]

Group to push for interstate trails - seek linkage of Illinois, Indiana systems. [2.3.03 - Newton - Times/NWI]

Airport tough to spot on radar screen - Peotone airport doesn't appear to be priority for Blagojevich administration; IL budget deficit huge, FAA hasn't started Tier II enviro review. [1.27.03 - Gruszecki - Times/NWI].

Talking airports: From the Rockies to the plains - interview w. president and CEO of the Will County Center for Economic Development, John Greuling. [1.27.03 - Gruszecki - Times/NWI].

Manning accomplished much but missed mark on biggest challenge - critique of career of outgoing IL-DNR director Brent Manning. [1.26.03 - Bowman - ChiSunTimes].

Joliet plots major land grab - By the middle of the decade, [Joliet] intends to build pipe-lines to supply Kendall with water from the Kankakee River [1.25.03 - Tita - Crain's ChiBiz].

Group ranks Indiana among top 10 polluting states - #3 in releases of carcinogens into water, air says USPIRG [1.23.03 - AP - IndyStar]

Deal signed for lodge at state park - $24m lodge slated for Davis Creek Annex portion of Kankakee River State Park - 200 rooms, no golf course - will displace 'Gathering on the Theatiki'. [1.20.03 - Bernard - KankD-J].

Signs of West Nile seen in bird count - Crows, bluejays, red-tailed hawk numbers down significantly - osprey, long-eared owl among rarities tallied. [1.17.03 - Byrns - KankD-J].

Wetland work - frozen ground allows start of wetland restoration work at KRVFD's Heiland Preserve; woody vegetation being removed to encourage more forbs. [1.17.03 - KankD-J].

Another exotic species found in Illinois River - non-native crustaceans, known as 'scuds' found in Illinois River - though small, like zebra mussels they can have serious disruptive effects on ecosystem of river. [1.19.03 - AP - Pekin News-Dispatch - Times/NWI].

Save the Dunes offers grant - Save the Dunes Conservation Fund give $2200 grant to Judy Bernacchi for legal expenses in protecting a wetland on the Bernacchi property from drainage by the LaPorte Co. Drainage Board. [1.19.03 - Michigan City News-Dispath] - disclosure blurb - your editor is atty. for the Bernacchis in the above described action.

Bridge's fate sparks larger debate - Laid back Kankakee River valley lifestyle important part of debate over the state line bridge, according to this feature article - includes photo, interview with local residents and Izaak Walton League state director, Jim Sweeney - financial issues, wetland impact, historic preservation issues also discussed. [1.17.03 - Gruszecki - Times/NWI]

Coyote bounty proposed - Rep. Dale Grubb of Covington IN proposes $5 bounty on coyotes in 'parts of Indiana where they threaten domestic animals or wild game' [1.13.03 - Slabaugh - Muncie Star-Press]

Lawmaker proposes paying bounty for coyotes - Rep. Dale Grubb of Covington IN proposes $5 bounty on coyotes in 'parts of Indiana where they threaten domestic animals or wild game' [1.13.03 - AP - IndyStar]

Fix Kankakee River problems upstream - Mike Clifford argues that the problems around state line bridge are symptoms of the general problems of the river, and not causes. [1.12.03 - Mike Clifford - Letter to Times/NWI] - for background see LETTERS TO THE KRLOG -->

Norman vows to 'pump up' Kankakee Fishing Derby - [1.10.03 - Byrns - KankD-J]

District on path to funding part of Wauponsee Trail - Will Co. Forest Dist. commits $1.55m to trail from the Old Plank Road Trail in Joliet to the Kankakee River in Custer Park. [1.10.03 - Wolfe - Daily Southtown]

Gard seeks wetland protection - "Sen. Beverly Gard, R-Greenfield, will introduce legislation to protect Indiana's isolated wetlands." [1.10.03 - Slabaugh - Muncie StarPress]

New bridge would hurt those downstream from it - Arguments against replacing the state line bridge - for more detailed msg from Jim Sweeney on this subject, see the lower portion of the left column here on the KRLog. [1.9.03 - Guest Op, Sweeney - Times/NWI]

Novak landfill measure passes House - State Rep. Phil Novak, D-Bradley pushing for double liners to protect aquifer, Kankakee River, from contamination from prop'd landfills. [1.7.03 - Angelo - KankD-J]

Protesters lament razing of house, negative impact - Protesters at demolition of house in SoBurb Airport footprint lament waste of natural resources, tax dollars - native American spokesman describes project as "a tombstone for the future, a barren wasteland of concrete." [1.7.03 - Baskerville - KankD-J]

First house knocked down for possible Peotone airport - Protestors brave the snow and cold to decry destruction of 'relatively new' home near Monee. [1.6.03 - Roy - ABC/WLS]

State officials want more time before issuing farm permits - IDEM under fed court order to issue individual permits for large livestock operations; IDEM wants to issue 'general permits', reducing oversight of individual operations - failure to comply with court order could result in EPA taking over Clear Water Act permitting in Indiana. [1.6.03 - AP - IndyStar]

Anti-airport protesters watch as state razes home - Differing opinions on the future of the area marked for development of the SoBurb Airport. [1.6.03 - Gruszecki - Times/NWI]

Blagojevich simply should ground plans for airport in Peotone - Argues that SoBurb airport is a waste of money, not needed. [1.5.03 - OpEd by Mabley - Suburban Daily-Herald]

Halvorson to sponsor airport legislation - Sen. Debbie Halvorson proposes legislation to reduce effect of tax base lost due to prop'd SoBurb airport - state currently owns 800 acres of initial 4.1k acres, eventually could exceed 23k acres. [1.4.03 - Henrichs - Times/NWI]

Peotone land acquisition slowed by homeowner resistance - Only 30% of initial footprint acquired; state may soon commence condemnation proceedings. [1.2.03 - IndyStar]

Drainage district suit may void landfill annexation - Drainage district files suit alleging prop'd 465a landfill will irreparably harm their easement on adjacent Minnie Creek; response alleges waiver of claim due to failure to raise it at hearing. [12.30.02 - KankD-J]

A troubled bridge over like waters - OpEd argues that State Line bridge is standing in the way of progress, should be replaced with modern span and historic pieces should be displayed elsewhere. [12.30.02 - OpEd - Times/NWI]

Waterfowl, wildlife returning to prairie sanctuary - TNC's Kankakee Sands project links state preserves, includes one of the largest sand prairie areas east of the Mississippi - discussion of prairie restoration plantations, problems w/ control of invasive black locusts. [12.20.02 - Byrns - KankD-J]

Preserving Pembroke's savannas - 8k acres in Pembroke Twp. and Newton Co., where preservation is by design - problems faced by TNC stewards include ATV trespassers and 'garbage dumping' - prairie pocket gophers and red-headed woodpeckers are target species [12.20.02 - Byrns - KankD-J]

Nature preserve plans derailed - Lowell town council halts progress on acquisition of 26a nature preserve park - reason unclear, possibly potential liability or 'drainage concerns'. [12.19.02 - Csepiga - Times/NWI]

Washington Avenue corridor proposals unveiled - several prop'd alignments "showed Washington Avenue headed in an unbroken north-south path from the Kankakee River at its southern terminus"... [12.16.02 - Frey - KankD-J]

Aroma expansion splits board - KRVFD bd. votes 3-2 in favor of new purchase in Aroma twp., minority would have preferred to purchase in Kankakee twp. - price $4k/ac. [12.13.02 - Stewart - KankD-J]

Iroquois County reviews refuge plan - Positive reception for prop'd USF&WS refuge in Pembroke Twnshp, Iroquois Co - includes prime black oak savanna remnants, restorable prairie areas, prime migratory bird habitat. [12.13.02 - McCord - KankD-J]

Runaway Airport - "The strange case of the environmental study that didn't consider the environment." - article criticizes EIS for prop'd SoBurbs airport for systematic failure to address major environmental consequences of project, including likelihood of increasing pollution in Kankakee watershed. [Winter edition - Heur - Chicago Wilderness]

Environmental groups blast Peotone plan - Richard Acker of the Openlands Project says EIS for prop'd SoBurbs Airport considers only impact of acquiring land, not other forseeable impacts, such as runoff contamination to streams. [12.12.02 - Lindsey - Times/NWI]

FAA rethinks Peotone - "Federal Aviation Administration unexpectedly has agreed to review a Peotone airport environmental impact study" - with political analysis. [12.12.02 - Sweet - Will County News]

Peotone Colloquy and Language in bill ugres FAA to intiate EIS - "FAA letter may authorize the state to do a limited Environmental Impact Study (EIS) on just 4,112 acres" [12.12.02 - by Press Release - Will County News]

How do rumors get started? - discussion about the relationship betweein IL-DNR and USF&WS re/ Kankakee, and hunting and fishing access to USF&WS properties [12.5.02 - Ed Mullady - Sportsmansletter]

Public talks about landfill pros and cons - the great trash debate continues in Kankakee Co. [12.06.02 - Krenek - KankD-J]

City sues county for landfill fees - claims expenditures of $200k for litigation against the city's proposal to build Otto Twshp landfill wrongful [12.03.02 - Provost - KankD-J]

THINGS TO BE THANKFUL FOR IF THEY WENT AWAY - - - - a thanksgiving message from Ed Mullady [12.01.02 - Mullady - Sportsman's Letter]

Stabilization of historic Collier Inn complete - Kankakee River side lodge near Kouts IN preserved; $250k renovations anticipated - f/k/a Indianapolis Hunt Club - ND archaeologist Mark Schurr will give presentation about prehistory at same site on Dec. 8. [12.02.02 - Mitchell - Times/NWI]

Is the By-pass Back? - Bourbounnais attorney opines that the Kankakee River Lodge project has been moved to Davis Creek because the State of Illinois plans to build a highway bypass in the area; says site inappropriate because its a developing residential area, supports lodge at Rock Creek. - [11.24.02 - McClure - Kankakee D-J]

Area may get grant to clear river blockages - nominated for $581k fed funds - project could include development of BMPs, wetlands initiatives, logjam removals and other strategies - upland storage of water discussed to attenuate flows - [11.22.02 - Byrns - Kankakee D-J]

Local officials discuss fate of bridge - discussion of the fate of the state line bridge includes replacement, rehab - bridge is for sale - [11.22.02 - Csepiga - Times/NWI]

Kankakee switches role in county landfill hearings - more positioning in the Kankakee Co. trash wars - [11.20.02 - Krenek - Kankakee D-J]

Landfill leak debate may go unheard - "Waste Management is trying to block all debate about vinyl chloride being detected around the county landfill in hearings seeking a major expansion the facility."..."unmet demands by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency over four years for the company to find the source of the vinyl chloride" [11.17 - Krenek - Kankakee D-J]

Airport land purchases may be suspended - IL Gov-Elect Blagojevich says he may 'hold off' on purchases of new land for prop'd So-Burb Airport at Peotone, concentrate on O'Hare expansion, but says he still support development of So-Burb Airport - state now owns 787 acres in airport footprint. [11.12 - Baskerville - Kankakee D-J]

Meeks voices airport concern - So. Suburban political leaders call for 'Gov. elect Rod Blagojevich not to abandon his campaign pledge to build a South Suburban Airport in Peotone.' [11.11 - Eaken - Times/NWI]

Neighbors upset with park lodge plans - [11.10 - Singleton - Kankakee D-J]

Lodge targeted for Davis Creek - Plans for lodge at KRSP move away from Rock Creek canyon. [11.8 - Byrns - Kankakee D-J]

'Slanted' landfill hearings alleged - '"One of our theories here is that there was a pattern of conduct to ramrod this through," said Richard Porter, county special counsel.' [11.5 - Krenek - Kankakee D-J]

Letter to IL-DNR re/ Catfish Management - Aroma Park memories [c. 10.29 - Shawn Johnson]

Rob Moore Honored - "Clean Water Network recently named Robert Moore one of thirty national Clean Water Act heroes " [10.24 - Mullady - Sportsmansletter]

Hunters provide paradise for cranes and for birders - More about birding at J-P [10.25 - Themer - Kankakee D-J]

Regional bikeway push gains momentum - committee working toward bike system for Lake, Porter and LaPorte Co's. [10.25 - Poparad - Chesterton Trib]

White perch glut spills into the Kankakee - invasive species from east currently infesting Cedar Lake; could pose threat to Kankakee River walleye fishery - also, info about recent fish surveys on Kankakee. [10.18 - Themer - Kankakee D-J]

Six area projects funded - Kankakee area projects include $6.5m acquatic park across from River Rd. Park. [10.10 - Angelo - Kankakee D-J]

Work to save historic Collier Inn begins - historic hunting lodge on Kankakee River at Baum's Bridge (near Kouts, IN) subject of restoration effort by Kankakee Valley Historical Society - w/ photo. [10.10 - Mitchell- Times/NWI]

Third-airport signs trashed - with photo - org. opposing airport, STAND, pres. George Ochsenfeld says group opposes vandalism, offers two cent reward for arrest and conviction of perpetrator. [10.10 - Rockrohr - Times/NWI]

Sewage basin hearing delayed - ALJ Wayne Penrod to conduct hearing on large sewage basins opposed by some Lake Dalecarlia residents in late November. [10.9 - Jostes - Times/NWI]

Probe of water contamination to target wells - problems with groundwater in Bourbonnais Township under investigation. [10.7 - Krenek - Kankakee D-J]

State notifies owners of intent to buy land - $4,000 in signage and new notices show IDOT is moving ahead in airport project. [10.4 - Times/NWI]

60-day deadline to sell - Signs appear on I-57 touting future 'south suburban airport' - IL-DOT issues letters to landowners warning of plan to file condemnation proceedings w/in 60 days. [10.3 - Baskerville - Kankakee D-J]

IDEM probing animal deaths near creek - cause of apparent spate of animal deaths near Beaver Dam Ditch near Crown Point unknown - ditch known to be subject to pollution from CSOs. [10.4 - Newton - Times/NWI]

Bird population plummets - Ralph Grundel conducts annual surveys of birds at 25 sites in NWI - finding significantly lower populations of birds this year, but is cautious about blaming W.Nile. [10.3 - Kasarda - Times/NWI]

Nursery-grown Prairie Plants Return To Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie - 19,000 nursery grown prairie plants destined for Midewin; includes lesser known prairie forbs like hairy beardtongue, and minor prairie grasses such as Junegrass and Porcupine Grass. [Fall Edition - Tang - Chicago Wilderness]

Archeologist filling in the blanks in Northwest Indiana prehistory - State archeologist Bill Mangold talks about regional prehistory from the glaciers to Euro contact. [10.1 - Poparad - Chesterton Trib] - for more Kankakee Valley prehistory read: The Goodall Tradition Project: Northwestern Indiana Hopewell on Notre Dame U's web site.

Challenges seek to block city landfill - Kankakee Co., Waste Mngmnt file objections to City of Kankakee decision to approve Town & Country proposal for landfill, claim unlawful lobbying and that proposal will have negative enviro impacts and be deleterious to public health and welfare, including risk of widespread aquifer contamintation - Town & Country atty. calls complaint the 'usual whining'; matter will be public hearing w/ opportunity for public to comment [9.30 - Krenek - Kankakee D-J]

Taltree's grand opening is a grand event - hundreds attend official opening of nature center, gardens and arboretum near Valpo. [9.29 - Starr - Times/NWI]

Kankakee River acquisitions funded - Migratory Bird Conservation Com. awards $1m to Ducks Unlim'd for habitat acquisition along Illinois and Kankakee - work includes emergent wetlands in Jasper Co., IN, wetlands along the Illinois and forested track near Momence. [9.27 - Themer - Kankakee D-J]

Peotone airport effort gets $3 million - fed funds for enviro impact statement, master plan - Gov. Ryan announces funding Thurs. [9.27 - AP - Times/NWI]

New Chief at Midewin - Logan Lee moves from Minnesota's Chippewa Nat'l Forest. [9.20 - Byrns - Kankakee D-J]

Clean Up spawns Adopt-a-River program - 43 miles of Kankakee River already adopted by project started by Northern Illinois Anglers Assoc. [9.6 - Byrns - Kankakee D-J]

Old Kankakee River bank may hold some clues to prehistoric Indiana - ND archaeologist Mark Shurr conducting survey of prehistoric occupations along the Kankakee near Kouts - occupation may go back 10,000 yrs. [9.3 - SoBndTrib]

Zebra mussels spreading - Recreational boaters believed to be main vector for spread; tips for preventing spread. [9.3 - Franklin - Times/NWI]

Family seeks rezoning near site once proposed for landfill - Two lot subdiv in Lake Co's Eagle Creek township, if approved, could preclude landfill w/in 1/2 mi. [9.3 - Spivak - Times/NWI]

Will County rarity a pre-settlement gem - Visit the barrens at Will County's Hickory Creek. [8.30 - Themer - Kankakee D-J]

Kankakee Garbage Dump - Prop'd landfill at near Minnie Creek, a Class B stream - not yet approved by IL-EPA, Ed Mullady says landfill will threaten water quality, suggests effort to get IL-EPA to deny permit. [8.30 - Mullady - Sportsman's Letter]

Restore state's power to protect wetlands - Ed'l says Indiana needs wetlands more than it needs more areas for development; wetland banking hasn't been shown effective therefore IDEM should be given a strong powers to protect remaining 15% of wetlands in state. [8.30 - Editorial - Ft.Wayne J&G]

Surveyor will get second five years to perfect GIS - Lake Co. Surveyor Van Til gets $850k funding to continue developing GIS, detailed collection of info, images, maps about all facets of county. [8.29 - Shields - Times/NWI]

FAA may not allow 6 runways at O'Hare - FAA may only allow 4 new runways at O'Hare [8.28 - Bachar - Kankakee D-J]

Aldermen vote unanimously for new landfill - approval needed from Illinois EPA, trash could start flowing to Kankakee Regional Landfill by 2003. [8.20 - Provost - Kankakee D-J]

Wading safely - Veteran riverman Ed Mullady gives tips of safe wading in the Kankakee, criticizes suggestions to put warning signs on river. [8.8 - Mullady - Sportsman's Letter]

Fishing Atlas for Indiana portion of Kankakee - hot off the presses [8.5 - Ed Mullady - Sportsman's Letter]

Panel eyed to oversee work, funds for river restoration - federal funding to become available for ecosystem restoration along nation's rivers; Kankakee likely to be a priority in Illinois - commission to oversee project could include river groups, ag interests - sedimentation pointed to as biggest problem [7.18 - Krenek - Kankakee D-J]

FAA rules in favor of 3rd airport - Preliminary report says Peotone site is technically and environmentally feasible for airport. [7.16 - Kankakee D-J]

Midewin, I&M Canal win funding - $1.5m for more work at Midewin Nat'l Prairie, mainly demolition of bldgs. [7.12 - Byrns - Kankakee D-J]

River panel will seek landfill answers from city - Kankakee River Basin Partnership investigating prop'd Kankakee Co. landfill, will determine official position on landfill. [7.12 - Byrns - Kankakee D-J]

Lowell officials flooded with water woes - ambitious water, stormwater, sewage projects underway in growing so. Lake county community - still considering effort to import Lake Michigan water - project tops $8m, city will be req'd to begin wastewater effluent testing. [6.30 - Csepiga - Times/NWI]

Landfill could leak for miles -- expert - Expert testifies that prop'd Town & Country landfill near Kankakee would be likely to contaminate aquifer of wide area; disputes company's finding that limestone bedrock would act as 'aquitard', saying the limestone contains many cracks and crevices that allow water to move through freely. [June 27 - Krenek - KD-J]

Scientists uncovering Kankakee's history - ND archaeologist Mark Schurr will research site near Baum's Bridge; may be significant focus of prehistoric activity dating back as far as 10k BP. [May 28 - Biesen - Times of NWI]

Prairie plan sets vision for Midewin - Old Joliet Army Arsenal will become extensive tall grass prairie preserve over coming decades - considerable work restoring prairie, removing explosive hazards ahead. [May 10 - Byrns - Kankakee D-J/Kankakee Outdoors]

Limestone suit against Shell grows; property dips cited - Real Estate appraiser's affidavit claims property values depressed 14-16% due to groundwater contamination from Shell spill. [May 6 - Krenek - Kankakee D-J]

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Planning Continues for the Grand Kankakee National Wildlife Refuge - Press release from USF&WS, first released April 4, 2002. [Official USF&WS web site]

Is the State Line Dredging Project on the Way Out? - Mar. 14 - Ed Mullady says the prop'd 'sediment trap' (eg a hole that fills up with sand) isn't the answer for the sedimentation problems on the Kankakee - he says the problem is with too much sand moving in from the headwaters in Indiana. [OpEd by Ed Mullady - Sportsman's Letter]

206 Program being worked on by Corps - Feb. 14, 2002 - Large sediment trap may be prop'd by ACOE to catch sediment coming down river from Indiana - comments on pitfalls of proposal - also asphalt plant prop'd for Rockville. [Ed Mullady - Sportsman's Letter]

Century-old bridge up for grabs - 'State Line' bridge is now closed due to structural weakness - the state wants to replace it, to shorten the 12mi drive to the next bridge, of concern for convenience and because fire protection is provided from Momence, IL. The bridge is a historically significant 'Pennsylvania through truss style' structure. [Jan. 30, 2002 - Mark Kiesling - Times of NWI]. Get a better view of the bridge on the IN-DOT web site- According to Jim Sweeney public comments about the future of the bridge are being accepted February 15th; and can be addressed to Melody Park, R.W. Armstrong and Associates, 2801 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, IN 46225-2399 (317) 786-0461 or (800) 321-6959.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Grand Kankakee Marsh at a Standstill - August 23, 2001 - "...Rep. Buyer again added his language to the House bill prohibiting funding for the Kankakee in fiscal 2002 and the rest of the basin Congressmen from Indiana are sitting on the fence. In Illinois, things have changed. ...." [Jim Sweeney/Ed Mullady - Sportsmansletter]

Marsh and River Restoration Project - "...The Friends of the Kankakee see these projects as key components of a genuine river and marsh restoration..." [Jim Sweeney - NorthwesternIndiana.com]