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An independent web site edited by Marty Lucas.

Archive of Opinions, Editorials, Art, Photography and Maps

Opinions, Editorials, and Original News Pieces

Cardinal point - A harbinger of late winter - when the cardinal sings. - [KRLog note - Marty Lucas - 3.4.03]

Curse of the bounty hunter - Why a bill proposing a bounty on coyotes in Indiana is a bad idea. - [OpEd - Marty Lucas - 2.12.03] (note: the bill was defeated)

Don't rule out upland storage - Upland storage of rain water in controlled wetland areas (an approach under consideration by the Army Corps of Engineers) could help reduce flooding and sedimentation, while improving water quality and wildlife habitat, all without significant disruptions to agriculture or area communities: in short, it's a concept worth embracing. - [OpEd/Rant - Marty Lucas - 1.31.03]

Army Corps feasibility study: upland storage, ecosystem restoration - Interview of Army Corps of Engineers (Chicago District) spokesperson Jenni Smith about the conclusions of the as yet unpublished Kankakee River feasibility study. - [News Interview - Marty Lucas - 1.29.03]

Tippecanoe - and Kankakee too? - if progress can come to neighboring watershed, why not to the Kankakee? - [OpEd - Marty Lucas - 1.12.03]

Abundance breeds contempt - perspectives on Indiana drainage law and policy - a look at Indiana drainage law and policy with suggestions for reform - [KRLog's Indiana Drainage Reform Forum Doc 2002.01 - Marty Lucas - 11.19.02]

Backburner - the right place for the 3rd airport? - With air travel down and airlines struggling, do we really need a third Chicago airport at Peotone, Illinois? [OpEd - Marty Lucas - 11.7.2002]

I Knode it would happen - Controversy over Knode Creek in Valparaiso; killing fish won't help control West Nile virus - with supporting links. [Rant - Marty Lucas - 7.10.2002]

Indiana bill threatens Kankakee watershed - SB 439 would have removed all state regulatory oversight from county drainage boards - (note, bill passed Indiana Senate, but was defeated in the House). [OpEd - Marty Lucas - 1.26.2002]

Leaving Indiana - it won't solve the problem - A reaction to the USF&WS decision to abandon refuge building in Indiana. [OpEd - Marty Lucas - 1.21.2002]

Are you benefited? Indiana's drainage tax system - Basics of the Indiana Drainage Code, including parts that seem be routinely violated; with citations and links. [OpEd/Feature - Marty Lucas - 7.11.2001]

Floating dredge offers sediment removal alternative - A look at a floating hydraulic dredge in action, with photos. [Feature - Marty Lucas - 4.11.2001]

About the author, including links to more articles on bigEastern and elsewhere on the web.

Guest Opinions and Letters

The State Line Bridge Debate - letters from Jody Melton and Jim Sweeney outlining the competing opinions about the future of the historic state line bridge over the Kankakee River. [originally posted 1.4.2003 and 12.31.2002]

Art and Photography

Photos of Kankakee River State Park - including the Rock Creek area in Kankakee County, Illinois.

Photos of the Upper Kankakee - from Momence, Illinois upstream to English Lake, Indiana.

Cover Art - pg. 3 - cover art and photography from prior editions of the Kankakee River Log after the October 2002 makeover.

Cover Art - pg. 1 - cover art and photography from prior editions of the Kankakee River Log, July 2002 to November 2002.

Cover Art - pg. 2 - cover art and photography from prior editions of the Kankakee River Log, before July 2002.


Historic maps - Historic maps of the Kankakee River region in Newton and Lake Counties, Indiana, plus links to historic maps of the English Lake area in Starke and LaPorte counties.

Vegetation and Land-Use in the Kankakee Watershed - Maps showing vegetation, land use, and government managed greenspaces in the Kankakee River watershed.